Since 2007 , Standard from an integrator of vehicle monitoring systems became one
of the leader of Russian GLONASS/GPS tracking manufacture market, providing
companies with high-end devices and system for track and manage their fleet.

Using a small device called GLONASS/GPS tracker STD 8 you are able to monitor
each and any of your fleet. As practice shows, implementation of vehicle tracking
and fuel monitoring system even in small enterprises pays off in a short space of
time. We install monitoring systems not only in vehicles, but also in river vessels,
airplanes and helicopters, and rail transport. We even installed our tracker in such
exotic types of transport like Segways.

Choosing Standard, you receive not only the full control of your fleet, but also user-friendly
software wialon, high-quality service and support. We regard each client as a true partner
and for this reason we do not simply sell the equipment, but we put much effort and time
into solution to complex problems arising in transport management at enterprises.

Write us at: info@teamstd.ru